His passion for music began when was young guy when he played first times with a keyboard starting to create their own ideas. All beginning of 90' like a DJ playing house music in vogue at the time, composing and creating his tracks for live sets, receiving positive feedback and cooperating from international producer, including Victor Simonelli on American labels. In 2012 remixed "You got feeling" about Big Big Trax, a track which marks his unique style inspired by the old school of house, underground and deep house. Today have released of her debut EP entitled Subterranean joining the team Glorious Sound.
Gianluca Boldrin aka Luke Beat, love the Minimal Techno sounds and signing his productions as a DJ producer, with a lot of labels like Technical Enemy, Labrynth Glorious Sound Recordings Essence, JJ records, Technolabsound, Kaze records, Doot records, Futura Records, and Digital Room Records. he Develope skills as a producer thanks working like Sound Enginering, Influenced by artists such as Klaus Schulze, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Anthony Rother. His DJ sets and Live sets are powerful, rhythmic, but also elegant.
Classe 1993, fin dalle prime esperienze di djset determina la sua passione per l'house, seguendo i guru come Little Vega, Keppy dope, Kerry chandler. Con il crescere si avvicina anche ai suoni più duri della techno, trovando nuove forme di espressione musicale. Dopo aver frequentato lo Studio 76 a Salerno, inizia la sua strada discografica con la Glorioso Sound, percorrendo il sogno di produttore.
Le Son Du Placard has big passion about Techno music. his expirience started when was young to playing first synthetizer at home. His french sound is gloomy dark atmospheres. Actually his tracks like producer is released at Scander Records, with Cosmic Boys, Kaleydo Beats, Yousel Records. Starting cooperate with our team of 5th Bone Records releasing in next mounths 4 EP.
With a keen sense of electronics composition, Sounding eclectic, Kris Van Dyck comes out with its first single, with our Label, mixing techno sounds, electro atmospheres, and tech-house sounds. Attended the course , the international reference of SAE Institute , builds its artistic heritage , through the use of historians like Synth Mini Moog , Arp Odyssey 2500, PPG and many others , and by the legendary techno unmistakable sound of the TB - 303 , from which it takes inspiration every day .
Gonzalo Fernández Aka Gramanalogue begins to discover his passion for music since childhood. When teenager enthralled of EDM, soon seduced by the work of Recording Studio, and taken from desire to create his sound, and influenced by soulful, deep house and tech house, in 2014 start his way like remixer and players like dj in clubs of town Zamora. Now he, full of motivation, launch their debut EP with Glorioso Sound.
not to be confused with the famous band of the 70s, this band comes from the synergy of different past experiences, as a DJ producers, singers and multi-instrumentalists musicians who are inspired howerever by the sound of the 70 researched like as Heart, Wind & Fire, George Benson and mach more, trying to fuse the sound of 70 togheter at the aggressively and modern sound like House Music. Band founded by Fabio Jeffterry, will introduce at the end of 2016 their first debut album and featuring refined sonorities.
Music is a touch of freedom, a way to express themselves and hits creativity, for this, Fabio, doesn't composes music that doesn't leave something within themselves ... He grew up among the notes of black music in the late '80s, he formed his background music, with the great R&B and Funk like as George Benson, Earth, Wind & Fire. He began a DJ starting in club named Veleno, Rome; with rise of House music, he has dedicated to it for many years, going back to the roots of the disco music, he discovered with his passion Approaching the world of synths and samplers, becoming an composer and an arranger. his dj-set ranges from house classic and rare grooves. like The producer begins in 2002 collaborating with Charlie Cannon, signing his first release on vinyl with Nitro Records, internationally distributed. In 2011, forming the duo "Jeff & Chris" releasing for Beenoise Records. In 2012 he founded the Glorioso Sound, Glorioso Lab, 5th Bone Records and Funk Abbalah Records, producing 55, and I Am eightys and Benjamin in My Mind. Its Performance live could be considered an explosive mixture with djset and live synth, where he plays Low Deep, DeepHouse, and Soulful, to historical pillars of the most refined and sophisticated disco of the 70, but also performs live with electronic instruments, proposing breakbeat synth, pianos and voices, with which creates atmospheres and unique and improvised beat. Why he does not like to remain bound to a single genre, but always tries new things, placing the main objective to surprise and please the audience that listens.
Edward Benjamin, grew up with his strong passion for sound designin, for many years he plays into anonymous, for various international artists. With his first release with Superbiologico Records and then with Glorious Sound, today join at dance world's productions, giving rise to a strong collaboration with Aaron Fly, even he, young artist and vocalist on clubs, constituting a new combination.
Daniele, approached the passion for electronic music , began his journey as a composer influenced also by large groups such as Kraftwerk and Pinkfloyd characterizing his dark features . Started the manufacturer path with Evasion Rec Room , Moditech . In 2015 tightens the collaboration with the Glorious Sound and then with the 5th Bone Rec , who introduces him to the world of techno .
Fin da giovanissimo si affaccia al mondo dell'elettronica, muovendo i suoi primi passi sui sintetizzatori degli anni 80, gia da teen-ager sposa il mondo black music, che lo fa appassionare al tal punto di intraprendere la professione di deejay, specializzandosi successivamente nell'house music e nell'Acid House, rimanendo legato per un lungo periodo al movimento del vinile e dei sintetizzatori. Inizia la sua carriera nei clubs di Milano, e si occupa anche di consulenze nello spettacolo teatrale come "Siamo Rimasti Sotto" di "Pali e Dispari" e "Opposti Concordi" in tour per molte città in tutta Italia. Oggi nel 2013, firma la sua prima uscita discografica con "Deep Sensation", brano contaminato idoneo per molte atmosfere Lounge e dancefloor.
Joseph in arte Afterboy, nato a Baja, Ungheria, inizia a lavorare come dj dal 2002, come resident in alcuni dei migliori club ungheresi. La sua passione gli fa seguire la deep house, la tech house, minimal e techno. Le sue prime release firmate con la Dash Deep Records, e Glorioso Sound, rilasciando 3 singoli, Yooj, Retirement, e The End...
Aaron Fly si avvicina alla musica fin da piccolo, facendola essere la sua passione principale. Dopo aver studiato canto affiancato da professionisti del settore, sperimenta le sue doti vocali sulle ali dei grandi successi internazionali, facendo diventare il suo hobby, oltre alla sua principale passione, una professione, dedicandogli ogni giorno un tassello in piu.Cresciuto ascoltando artisti internazionali come Michael Buble, George Michael, e Simply Red, dopo anni di esperienza nei club come supporter, gli permettono di essere definito oggi come "timbro dalle grandi potenzialità canore". La sua carriera artistica inizia nel 2013, con la sua prima uscita discografica con il team Dance della Superbiologico Records e successivamente dalla Glorioso Sound